Sunday, April 10, 2016

Call Me Old Fashioned

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Call me old fashioned, but for the life of me, I cannot write on my computer.

I can't even really explain it. Perhaps it is paranoia that someone is lurking and reading over my shoulder (I have a difficult time writing if anyone else is around, period, and I do not share my writing with anyone until I have finished a complete draft.) Perhaps it is anxiety from confronting a completely blank slate that's waiting for me to fill it with words, to somehow get this story that is living inside my head onto paper to the best of my ability.

All I know is that having a large, empty screen in front of me sends me into a brain freeze, and I cannot write a single word.

Now give me a pen and paper, or a smaller screen to type on (such as my smartphone or tablet) and the words flow freely.
I'm not sure why this is. Perhaps because I grew up in a time without computers? (Oh, sure, computers were around, but I never had free access to one.) Or perhaps because I'm less likely to edit as I write when I'm writing longhand. It could even be that I'm less prone to distraction when I'm writing on something that has no (or limited) Internet access.

Curious, isn't is? I guess we storytellers all have our preferred methods of writing. I prefer having things typed up (it makes it easier to read and involves one less step in preparing a manuscript for publishing -- when you write longhand, you have to go back and retype it all up afterwards) but I get more done when writing with my handy pen and paper. Ahh, if only stories would write themselves! That would make life so much easier.


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